Things you can do with S4 phonetic text

EFL teaching

This is currently the main focus for S4 phonetics but it has many other applications.

Accent coaching

Teaching how to:

Academic research

A corpus of transcribed natural speech can be built up and used for linguistic analytics. S4 is transcribed in a very rigorous manner using text-to-sound for checking. This makes it very consistent and suitable for compiling reliable source material.


Film clips can be sub-titled in S4 to learn English Karaoke-style:

Books and plays

Books can be written in S4 phonetic text, for instance, here are first few pages of the Roald Dahl book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a PDF file.

There is a wide range of books that could profitably be transcribed in S4 phonetics, from Shakespeare to the latest best-sellers. When you get used to it, reading phonetic material is a rich and enjoyable experience.

Computer-generated speech

S4 phonetic text can be converted directly into sound by a computer: perfect for getting GPS navigation place-names right.

Every EFL teacher needs to consciously know the sounds of standard American and British speech
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