Particularities of S4 text

S4 text is always written in blue, so that it can immediately be recognized as such.

A single vowel symbol indicates a vowel that is short, and a double one indicates a vowel that is long. Accordingly “Mrs” is written misiz and “Dursley” is written dəəzlii.

Dark consonants are represented by an apostrophe, not by a line below them as in IPA notation. Accordingly, “normal” is written noom‛l

Stressed syllables are in bold text. Accordingly, “perfectly” is written pəəfiklii

Liaison is indicated with a dash, so that it can be shown without breaking up words. Accordingly, “thank you” is written þæŋk-yuu


This can all be seen in the following example:

mistər-‛n misiz dəəzlii əv na‛mbə foo privi draiv

wəə prau tə sei ðæt ðei wəə pəəfiklii noom‛l

þæŋk-yuu verii matʃ