I have created a standard keyboard layout specifically for speed-typing S4 phonetic text.

This is it: 

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This keyboard layout is basically the same as the standard US one with a few added special characters.

The home keys are the usual F and J.

There are only 32 keys plus the space-bar, and all give Unicode glyphs.

It is very easy to use: all the keys are easily available, with no need for the shift key.


Try it yourself: download the keyboard setup and install it on your Mac or Windows computer.

Instructions and Download for Mac users:

First download the keyboard layout file from here.  Note: to stop your browser trying to open this file (which it cannot and will result in an error message), hold down the CTRL key (bottom left-hand corner of the keyboard) before clicking the above link, then you will be able to save the file where you wish. The file is named “S4-V3.keylayout”.

Place file “S4-V3.keylayout” in a Library folder (see below) and re-start your Mac to activate the new keyboard.

By default, the Library folder is hidden. To make it appear proceed as follows:

1. Open a new Finder window
2. Navigate to your Home directory by selecting the Go menu and clicking Home (⌘-Shift-H)
3. Select the View menu and click Show View Options or by using ⌘-J
4. Check the box next to Show Library Folder
For those who want to occasionally access their Library folder without making it visible, all you have to do is select the Finder, open the Go menu, hold ⌥ (Option), and click Library.
After restarting, pull down the keyboard menu at the top right-hand side of the desktop screen and select “Open Language & Text Preferences…”

Once your Mac has restarted, click and hold the Apple icon in the top left-hand corner of your screen, and select “System Preferences …”. In the palette that then appears, click on “Keyboard” in the second row. When the keyboard management window options appears, click on the “Input sources” tab at the top. Then click on the “+” at the bottom left and scroll down the list of keyboard layouts that appears until you see “S4 Phonetic Mk 3”:  select it and click “add”. You will then be returned to the previous window and should see “S4 Phonetic Mk 3” in the list. Now make sure that “Show Input menu in menu bar” option is enabled (is ticked). Then close the keyboard management window.

Once this is done, you can select  “S4 Phonetic Mk 3” from the keyboard menu at the top right-hand side of the desktop screen and start typing with it.

There are a number of different folders where you can put your keyboard layout. Where you put it affects which users can use it. All of the folders are called Keyboard Lay- outs, and reside inside a folder called Library. It is the location of the Library folder that is important.

If you use the Library folder inside your home directory, then only you will be able to use the keyboard layout. Other users on your computer will not be able to use it. If yours is a single-user computer, then this is the simplest place to put it. This folder would be called “~/Library/Keyboard Layouts”. Note that if you are using Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), the Library folder is hidden. Press option and select Go from the Finder menu to access the Library folder.

If you use the Library folder that you see in the Finder when you double-click your start-up hard disk, then all the users on your computer will be able to use your keyboard layout. You must be an administrator to put the keyboard layout into this folder. This folder would be called “/Library/Keyboard Layouts”.

If your computer is a server attached to a network, then you can also use the Library folder in the Network folder at the top level of your hard disk, that is, double-click your start-up hard disk, find the Network folder there, and use the Library folder inside that. This will allow any user connected to your computer to use your keyboard layout. The folder will be called “/Network/Library/Keyboard Layouts”.


Instructions and Download for PC users:

PCs running XP, Vista, Win7 , and more recent Windows versions should have no problems loading the S4 Keyboard!

1) Download the S4KeyboardPC.rar compressed file.

2) Open the rar folder (same as zip) and double click “setup.exe”

3) Follow the Installation Wizard. It’s quick!

4) Now, your keyboard is originally set to your local language and we now need to toggle between that keyboard and the S4 keyboard. Most PCs can toggle between these two keyboards at the bottom right corner of their desktop.

If you can’t find any keyboard input options, go to “Start > Control Panel> Input Languages> General tab” and confirm both your local keyboard AND S4 keyboard are available.

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