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Accredited French vocational training organisation Les Polyglottes is offering a short course covering all that the native-speaker EFL teacher needs to know about using phonetics to boost learner pronunciation ability.

This course is held in the town of Cahors in South-West France on the premises of Les Polyglottes (the round-topped door in the centre).

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The course will last for four days (Monday to Thursday), with five 50-minute sessions per day.

For a one-to-one course the cost is 950 euros and for a group course (up to four) the cost is 450 euros per participant. More details on application.

Why take a course?

Because you can take your existing knowledge of the sounds of English and leverage it. Experience an aha moment!

Using the material on this website can make your teaching more effective and considerably easier, whether you are an experienced teacher or just starting out.

Obviously, to communicate orally in English, every speaker needs to be able to say and recognise the sounds of English. And every English teacher needs to be able to teach every student to do so. It should be the first step.

If you are a native English teacher, you already know the sounds of English. This knowledge that you already have is vital to learners of English and to unlock it you only need to become consciously aware of what the sounds of English actually are.

Feel free to phone Simon Vickers on 0033-787-666-300 or email him at s4phonetics@orange.fr for further explanations. Skype and FaceTime contact are also possible.

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