Getting started

Phonetic text makes teaching English pronunciation much easier and far more effective.

Try it and see. Make the transition from anecdotal to empirical!

Here are two free downloads featuring phonetic text

These are PDF documents formatted for use with a projector in the classroom. They are also suitable for direct use on phone or pad.

This is a publication in PDF format that explains how English verbs are conjugated. It is 105 pages long and contains four examples of every tense combination, in both conventional and phonetic text. It notably contains a complete list of the irregular verbs, and a clear explanation of the difference between perfect and simple tenses (like "I saw" and "I have seen"). Download it

This is a publication that contains a series of dialogues in phonetic text for classroom use with a projector. Have the students read the dialogues, to get them to pronounce them accurately. Then have them write the dialogues down. Download it

Note: This download contains only the dialogues of the first two chapters of the book. The remaining chapters and the associated notes in English and French are available as part of my webcam support.

Webcam support

Clearly, you cannot really learn pronunciation or even use phonetic text properly without some guidance. I provide free explanations and paid learning sessions which can be booked here. Webcam support

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Every EFL teacher needs to consciously know the sounds of standard American and British speech
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