Things you can do with S4 phonetic text

EFL teaching

This is currently the main focus for S4 phonetics but it has many other applications.

It is to be noted that young learners can easily pick up the phonemes of English. Later it is more difficult.
This video shows a young French boy learning.

Accent coaching

Teaching how to:

Academic research

A corpus of transcribed natural speech can be built up and used for linguistic analytics. S4 is transcribed in a very rigorous manner using text-to-sound for checking. This makes it very consistent and suitable for compiling reliable source material.


Film clips can be sub-titled in S4 to learn English Karaoke-style:

Books and plays

Books can be written in S4 phonetic text, for instance, here are first few pages of the Roald Dahl book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a PDF file.

There is a wide range of books that could profitably be transcribed in S4 phonetics, from Shakespeare to the latest best-sellers. When you get used to it, reading phonetic material is a rich and enjoyable experience.

Computer-generated speech

S4 phonetic text can be converted directly into sound by a computer: perfect for getting GPS navigation place-names right.

Every EFL teacher needs to consciously know the sounds of standard American and British speech
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