Personalised Language Coaching

Is proper pronunciation important?

It really is, and here is why. This is one area where a small investment can give a big return.

I provide online accent reduction courses. To do so, I use phonetic text to ensure the process is as clear and cost-effective as possible.

This is how we do it:

  1. Review all the sounds of English with you and make sure that you can correctly pronounce and recognise all of them.
  2. Practice putting the sounds together with the proper stress and make sure that you can do that correctly too.
  3. Learn to accurately pronounce a range of everyday phrases. Resources that I use for this can be found here (free downloads)

To book a free getting-started session or a paid learning-lesson on-line, click here.

I look forward to meeting you,
Simon Vickers


Speech consists of a set of sounds used to communicate ideas. It works because the sounds are standardized, a bit like Morse code or the HTML code used to make this website.

Mainstream American and British English speech uses a particular set of sounds, and other languages use other ones.

Students of English need to be taught to pronounce the right sounds of English in the right way so that the average native speaker can understand them clearly.

Phonetic text offers a clear and logical method for learning the sounds of English with ways of assessing skills and identifying where improvement should be made, objectively. Phonics does not, as it uses illogical conventional spelling. I use phonetic text to make everything straightforward.

So here is what I propose to improve your spoken English in a webcam work session:

Please have a look through this website to understand the how, what and why of my method (click "Back to homepage" at the top of this page).

Every EFL teacher needs to consciously know the sounds of standard American and British speech
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